Distinguishing Between the Roles of Listing and Buyers Agents

Distinguishing Between the Roles of Listing and Buyers Agents

People with an interest in the buying and selling of properties can take advantage of many chances and benefits by working in the real estate industry. The real estate industry offers a wide variety of entry-level positions; picking one that fits your interests and skills is essential.

If a career in real estate is appealing to you, then understanding the distinctions between listing and buying agents might help you make an informed decision.

In this piece, we’ll define “listing agent,” “buyers agent,” and then contrast and compare the roles of each. You will also have clues on how to locate buyers agency queensland around you if you are buying property soon.

Who is a Listing Agent?

Agents who specialize in selling real estate are known as “listing agents.” They are in charge of doing an inspection of the property and setting a price that is reasonable in the market.

As part of their services, listing agents devise comprehensive strategies to promote their clients’ homes, entice qualified purchasers, and ultimately close sales. They have the same priorities as the seller. Here are some examples of what a listing agent might do:

  • Key-feature analysis of potential purchases
  • Organizing visits and tours
  • Instruction for enhancing one’s selling skills.
  • producing advertisements for sale
  • Acting in the Seller’s Place
  • Transactional communication between buyer’s agent and seller’s agent
  • Creating Offer Responses and Contracts

Who is a Buyers Agent?

Your Queensland or Brisbane buyers agent is a real estate professional whose job it is to assist prospective buyers in the search for and acquisition of a home. After learning what their clients are looking for in a home, they must find suitable options through observation and investigation.

The buyer’s interests are also in line with their own. The role of the buying agent may include overseeing the following activities:

  • Finding and contacting listing agents requires some digging.
  • Checking out houses before presenting them to customers
  • Participating in home viewings alongside potential buyers
  • Doing a market analysis of the competition
  • Representing the Buyer in Discussions
  • Assessing the Neighborhood, Comparable Properties, and Value

Understanding the Difference

Here are some ways in which listing agents and buyer’s agents are alike and different:

Multiple Functions

Some real estate agents serve as both buyers’ and sellers’ representatives, dealing with a wide range of customers. However, it is unusual for a single agent to serve in both roles in a single deal.

Despite being legal in some jurisdictions, this kind of “dual agency” might give rise to moral dilemmas. However, in some jurisdictions, both the selling agent and Queensland buyers agent might be from the same agency.

Function in Real Estate as a Whole

Estate agents who specialize in listing houses for sale assist their clients in bringing in potential buyers. They are accountable for tasks such as valuing the property and advertising it to potential buyers. However, buyers agents assist clients in the search for, evaluation of, and acquisition of properties.

Parties They Serve

Both sellers’ agents and buyers agents in Queensland are dedicated to serving their clients’ best interests. Listing agents, on the other hand, are tasked with protecting the interests of the seller by actively seeking out competitive bids and selling the property at a fair price.

An effective buyers agent will actively seek out desirable houses and negotiate for the lowest possible purchase price on the client’s behalf.

How They Earn

Commissions are the primary source of income for real estate agents, whether they are representing the seller or the buyer. When a sale is finalized, however, the seller pays the commission to the listing agent.

This commission may go straight to the listing agent or the buyers agent, depending on the terms of the arrangement. The listed broker or agent pays the commission to the buying broker or agency.

Specialist Knowledge in the Field

Both listing agents and buyers’ agents need to be well-versed in the local real estate market, with a strong focus on the properties that are relevant to their clients’ needs.

Specialized real estate salespeople, for instance, need to be well-versed with the market’s popular areas, current pricing, and the preferences of potential buyers. Agents can use these to better represent their clients in negotiations by knowing what to look for.


Negotiations, documentation, and legal matters are all handled by both the listing agent and the buyers agent during the purchase process. However, they might all play unique parts in the procedure. Likewise, both sorts of agents will continue to prioritize their customers’ best interests while making decisions.


The use of a multiple listing service is available to both listing agents and buyer’s agents (MLS). Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a repository for listings all across a given region.

A listing agent can utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to look up comps in the area, track the market, and list a client’s property.

On the other hand, a Queensland buyers agency could utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to keep tabs on the market and find suitable houses for their customers.

Viewing Roles

Both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent have substantial roles to play in facilitating showings. A buyers agency in Queensland help their customers by locating suitable properties and scheduling viewings. Many times, they will accompany their clients to viewings and will coordinate appointments with the listing agents.

Client attendance at showings is no longer required thanks to listing agents. Additionally, listing agents are accountable for the development of listings and the organization of showing appointments with purchasing agents. In addition, they get the house ready for potential buyers to check it.

This could include getting a professional cleaning service to spruce up an office building or a home staging service to decorate and furnish a vacant house.

The Benefits of Working with a Buyers Agent

There are a number of good arguments in favor of using a buyer’s agent when searching for a new house. First, when you work with a buyers agency in Queensland, you can rest assured that they will be advocating on your behalf throughout the entire real estate transaction.

Second, the best Queensland buyers agencies have extensive industry experience. A real estate agent in Queensland can give you invaluable insight into the market, from pricing trends to crime rates, allowing you to make a more well-informed selection.

Third, Real estate agents have access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service), a website that provides detailed information about available properties. Finally, a buyers agent in Queensland can help with the paperwork, discussions, and legalities involved in the purchase.


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